Comparison of Our Headsets

  Tethered Only Standalone VRC Founders Edition
  SV1_TetheredEdition_thumbnail.png SV1_VRCEdition_thumbnail.png SV1_FoundersEdition_thumbnail.png
35.5 PPD
2448x2448 per eye display resolution
90 Hz refresh rate
100∘ FOV
55mm-77mm IPD (automatic adjustment)
Eye and hand tracking
High-res AR passthrough cameras
Supports Tethered gaming (on Windows/Linux PCs)
Supports portable Linux VR Desktop
Includes detachable compute pack (i7 CPU/16GB-32GB RAM/1TB SSD) ✅ (16 GB of RAM) ✅ (32 GB of RAM)
SimulaOS preinstalled (Linux VR Desktop)
Made with finer materials
LED Matrix Display
Priority/earliest shipment