The Simula One: Linux VR Computer (VRC)

Enjoy the benefits of VR computing

• Provides unlimited screens of any size
• Improves work focus & immersion (like "noise-cancelling headphones for your eyes")
• Allows for fully portable, multi-screen computing
• Usable outdoors (no laptop glare) in places like backyards, urban balconies, & parks
• Provides more privacy (no one around you can snoop on your screen)
• Compact design takes up less desk space than PCs/Laptops
• Promotes better posture & freedom of movement: with a VR headset you can change positions, sit up, lean back, stand, lie down, or even walk while you compute!

  • Headset Specs

    • 35.5 PPD pixel density (higher than any other portable VR headset on the market)
    • 2448x2448 per eye display resolution
    • 90 Hz refresh rate
    • 100° FOV
    • 55mm-77mm IPD, independent automatic adjustment

    • 6DOF positional tracking
    • Eye and hand tracking
    • Features dual wide-angle high-resolution RGB cameras for AR passthrough
    • Supports Tethered Mode for gaming on other platforms (Windows/SteamVR)

  • Detachable Compute Pack Specs

    i7-1365U Processor
    • 16 GB Memory (32 GB for Founders Edition)
    • Iris Xe graphics
    • 1 TB SSD
    • Wi-Fi 6e
    • Bluetooth 5.2
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack
    • Exposed ports: 1x USB4 (including Thunderbolt 4), 2x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2/DP Alt-Mode, 2x USB-A 3.

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Comes pre-installed with SimulaOS

SimulaOS provides the Simula One with a highly customizable, open-source VR Linux distro.

Linux apps. Compatible with any app that runs on Linux Desktop (apps like Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice, Emacs, Vim, …)

Especially clear text quality. Displays especially crisp text (via our text-specialized rendering methodology)

Built on open-source. SimulaOS is built over the Godot game engine and NixOS (for reproducible headset configurations, and easy system rollbacks in case things go wrong).

Hackable. SimulaOS is pre-installed on the Simula One, but can be removed/replaced with other Linux distros for users who want different configurations.

Using SimulaOS

Use AR Mode to see your surroundings

The Simula One comes equipped with two high-resolution RGB cameras in the front, allowing you to see your keyboard or locate items.

Features especially clear text quality

The Simula One provides higher pixel density (PPD) than any other portable VR headset on the market.

By using a special text-optimized rendering methodology, our dev team has made text quality on the Simula One even crisper.

The left image is a VR terminal *without* our special rendering applied; the right is the same terminal *with* our special rendering applied. This tech, combined with our extremely high pixel density, makes the Simula One the best VR headset for office work, allowing for significantly longer sessions without uncomfortable eye strain or fatigue.

Control apps with your hands and eyes

Retain full control of your desktop with only a keyboard and your hands (mouse not necessarily needed).

• Control mouse cursor movement (and even window positioning) with your eye gaze

• Use special hand gestures to manipulate and interact with windows

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Use Tethered Mode for gaming

The Simula One headset can be tethered to any PC (Windows/Linux) for a more traditional gaming experience. Simply detach the compute pack, plug into your gaming PC, and enjoy (e.g.) SteamVR gaming. Requires controllers from other VR platforms.

Travel with your VRC

Whether you're sitting in an airplane seat, a hotel desk, or a coffee shop: the Simula One gives you the power to take your full VR desktop with you no matter where you need to be.

Compatible with wireless bluetooth keyboard & mice. (Keyboard/mouse not included).

Work with more focus & immersion

Have you ever noticed it's sometimes easier to work in a private office than it is a public area or high-distraction environment? The Simula One allows you to take this one step further. No matter where you are, you can put it on, and it's just you and your work.

VR Computers are great for immersion in a way that's hard to describe until you try one for yourself. They're especially good for distracting work environments, and when you want to signal to you and your coworkers that you're "locked down and focused".

Work with more privacy

Ever tried to get something done in an office or public place? It can sometimes just feel weird working on sensitive or private things out in the open.

The Simula One allows you to work privately, knowing that other people can't snoop over your laptop/PC screen to see any sensitive info or interrupt your train of thought.

Usable while outside

VR computers avoid laptop screen glare. Enjoy stationary computing while in your back yard, sitting at a park, or on an urban balcony.

Use "pancake mode" when working outside of VR

Need to work outside of VR? Plug a traditional monitor into the Simula One's compute pack and navigate it like a traditional computer.

Hassle-free VR Desktop

With the Simula One VRC, VR Desktop "just works" right outside the box. No need to hassle with:

• Complicated installations
• VR cord tethering
• WiFi rendering latency
• Limited screens
• Grainy text/poor resolutions

Comparison of Our Headsets

  Tethered Only Standalone VRC Founders Edition
  SV1_TetheredEdition_thumbnail.png SV1_VRCEdition_thumbnail.png SV1_FoundersEdition_thumbnail.png
35.5 PPD
2448x2448 per eye display resolution
90 Hz refresh rate
100∘ FOV
55mm-77mm IPD (automatic adjustment)
Eye and hand tracking
High-res AR passthrough cameras
Supports Tethered gaming (on Windows/Linux PCs)
Supports portable Linux VR Desktop
Includes detachable compute pack (i7 CPU/16GB-32GB RAM/1TB SSD) ✅ (16 GB of RAM) ✅ (32 GB of RAM)
SimulaOS preinstalled (Linux VR Desktop)
Made with finer materials
LED Matrix Display
Priority/earliest shipment