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Simula One - Founders Edition (Preorder)

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    Exactly like the standalone Simula One (equipped with detachable compute pack and SimulaOS), but with the following additions:
    Simula One Founders' Edition will come in a distinct matte black finish
    Much like the early Apple I, this version will have a partially wood exterior
    For a touch of gold without adding excessive weight (some cosmetic hardware will be made of brass)
    Comes with with a customizable front-panel display, useful for displaying status messages, alarm clocks, and more.
  • 32GB RAM
    Includes the 32GB RAM upgrade.
    Founders' Edition units will be shipped first as manufacturing nears completion.

Use of Funds

Funds raised from preorders are to be used for the manufacturing & product development of the Simula One.

Long Lead Times

We expect units to ship by EOY 2024, with priority given to Founders Editions.

Deposit Return Policy

Initial deposits are refundable for 1 week after submission, after which they become nonrefundable until headsets are delivered (initiating another 30-day return policy).

Shipping, Taxes, & Duties

We reserve the right to charge taxes, duties, & shipping fees to consumers before delivering headsets.

Receive Updates

We commit to sending progress reports no fewer than once a month, on average.

Preorder Agreement

Read our full Preorder Agreement before making a deposit.

Help support a future with Linux VR Computing

Your preorder helps directly bring about a future with Free & Open Source Software and Linux-based VR.

We are 100% focused on productive VR computing, not data gathering/user farming for a pre-existing social network, gaming platform, or any other agenda.


Simula is built over open-source software, and we are committed to open hardware designs to the extent our supplier NDAs permit.

Receive updates while you wait

Receive consistent and honest updates from Simula's team while you wait for your headset to ship. Topics covered: product development, manufacturing progress, & everything related to Linux VR computing.

Join our community

Receive support, software updates, and UX improvements from our dev team and community.

- Simula's Discord
- /r/simulavr
- @SimulaVR
- Simula GitHub Issues

If you have any questions about our product or timeline, drop into our Discord and we'll answer.

Be there early

Linux VR computing has a chance of becoming a viable platform over the next decade. But not without the help of courageous early adopters who are willing to back new technologies.

Your backing will help prove that the future of VR isn't just about social networking and gaming. VRCs can help immerse us in our work and compute more productively.

Work in The Future

From Iron Man to The Minority Report, our Sci-Fi has been promising us for decades a future of always-on spatial computing and omnipresent screens. This is the Future we deserve.

Preordering the Simula One allows you to be one of the first people alive to experience high-fidelity VR Computing!